St Budeaux Parish Church
Image of Flowers

We hope you are not upset to see this as a title, but many people have found that at a very difficult stage the Church has provided something really helpful and supportive.

Funerals are normally arranged in cooperation with local funeral directors.

A prayer: Lord God, thank you that you love each one of us with a wonderful love. Please draw close to those who are grieving. Surround them with your love, strengthen them with your power and help them with your peace. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

The Graveyard

Photo of the graveyardOur graveyard is a peaceful place which many people appreciate. It is kept tidy by willing volunteers and also sometimes with help from the probation service - we are very grateful for all the hard work that is done.

There are no more spaces left for burials unless there is already a “family grave.”

There are places for cremated remains to be interred – if the person was living in the parish.

Please note that we have a responsibility to keep the graveyard a special and traditional place. Apart from fresh cut flowers nothing may be put into the graveyard without permission from the vicar.