St Budeaux Parish Church

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! ! Corona Virus Update ! !

Sunday Worship

Now that restrictions have been lifted, we welcome all who wish to attend our morning worship “In person”.

There will be a regular Communion service at 9.00am and Morning Worship at 11.00am.

We are pleased to announce that congregations are now allowed to sing!! However...

As the pandemic is far from over, we would encourage all who attend to continue to practice social distancing and strongly recommend that masks continue to be worn if at all possible.

We will of course be keeping all this under review, as further government announcements are made, and will adapt accordingly.

Some Hints About Worship

Give it some time

Anything you do for the first time (from driving a car to picking up a guitar, from meeting someone new to trying to decorate) feels a little strange at first. We hope you feel at home straight away – but do give it some time to get to grips with what is going on.

How to use silence

When it goes quiet – don’t panic. We haven’t forgotten what to do next! You might feel Jesus is close to you – so you may not need any advice. But if you are puzzled, just say to God "Is there anything you want to say to me? Is there anything I should be thinking about" and wait patiently. Or simply tell him what is on your heart and mind. Or say "Lord Jesus, I know I have lived without you – please forgive me. Holy Spirit, please come to me. Show me your love and teach me your ways."

Words of knowledge

Sometimes a member of our church family will hear from God that there is a person or situation that has his attention and needs prayer. For example, God whispers to someone "someone here has a very sore left ear – it would be great to pray for them." It is a sign of God’s love and power and his desire to be real in our lives. Don’t be scared – this can be really helpful and exciting. Think of it like this: God is our heavenly Father and he loves to talk to us. We are trying to learn how to listen to him better and better.

People falling over

Sometimes when we pray for people, they are so wonderfully overwhelmed by the love or power or joy or peace of God, that they cannot stand up any longer. Some people who haven’t seen this before want to call an ambulance – but don’t.

Speaking in tongues

In the Bible, the first followers of Jesus were given an amazing gift – speaking in a language they had never learned. Although the gift has been around for two thousand years many people have still not heard about it or heard it for themselves. We believe however that God has not taken away the gifts he gave to his first followers and many of us use this gift today to praise God or to pray. There is often real spiritual power when this gift is being used.

Jargon Busting

Like any group of people who meet often, we may use words which mean a lot to us, but leave you thinking "What do they mean?" Sorry. Really, we are sorry if we do this. If you have questions – please ask someone or email Stephen the vicar. Below is a list of the words that come up a lot that we can’t always avoid.

Click a word below for an explanation

Sin is anything and everything that we do or think or say which lets God down. His standard is normally higher than ours. Look at the ten commandments or simply the summary Jesus gave: "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, strength and mind, and love your neighbour as yourself". And remember: your neighbour is everyone, and especially the one who winds you up the most.
The word ‘Church‘ is often used to mean the building where Christians meet. We want to stress that its original meaning is more important. That is: the church is the people of God who follow him. Church is: people coming together because their lives are being changed by meeting the risen Lord Jesus. Although people often moan about the church, it is in fact a fantastic thing to belong to such a body as this. In practice, the St. Budeaux Church Family is wider than this. The church family that you see on a Sunday includes all sorts! Firm believers; people exploring faith; people tagging along with friends; polite relatives; impolite relatives; people who don’t yet know what they believe but would like to believe something. Everyone is welcome, for whatever reason.
Parish – the catchment area that a particular church works in.
Liturgy – the form of words that are used in a service in church.
Creeds – short statements summarising what Christians have believed through the centuries.
BCP – Book of Common Prayer – the outline and words for services written in 1662 which has remained popular with many for hundreds of years.
Grace is a short word which tells us how much God loves us. We don’t have to earn his love – he loves us anyway. There is nothing we can do to make him love us more and nothing we can do to make him love us less. He loves us as we are – but loves us so much he sent his Son into the world so that we could know him and become more like him.
  • He is the one that all of this church stuff is about.
  • He was with the Father before the world began.
  • He was born by a miracle.
  • He taught about the kingdom of God with words and power.
  • His teaching has always been admired. His miracles then and now are truly wonderful.
  • He called people to follow and they did.
  • He calls people today to follow him and they do.
  • He died on a cross so we could be forgiven.
  • He died on a cross so a whole new heaven and earth could come into being.
  • He was raised to life – death could not hold him.
  • He offers eternal like to all who turn to him.
  • He sends his Spirit to all who turn to him.
  • He loves you more than you can imagine.
  • He was and is and always will be God.
  • He will return to this earth and everyone will see him.
  • He is the key to true life, the way to hope, the door to justice.