Church Wish List

St Budeaux Parish Church

These are some of the projects for which we are saving to provide equipment or facilities which will enhance the ministry of the church.

image of Church HallChurch Hall Development - Cost: £81000

This is a huge project to refurbish and upgrade both the Upper and Lower Halls but a lot has been given or pledged already.


Accessible Toilet signAccessible toilet in the Church Hall - Cost: £1500

The extension to the front entrance of the Church Hall enables us to install a purpose-built accessible toilet - something that is urgently needed in order to make our facilities truly available to all.


Photo of hall radiatorOverhaul of the Radiators in the Lower Hall - Cost: £500

The radiators in the Lower Hall are not working as effiently as they should. They need to be overhauled in order to give them a new lease of life.


image of Hall Car ParkResurfacing of the Hall Car Park - Not Yet Costed

The Church Hall car park is in need of resurfacing with marked parking spaces. At present the surface is cracked and uneven and floods in places when there is heavy rain.


image of computer and softwareComputer and Presentation Software Upgrade - Cost: £1000

The computer we use in church for services - projecting the words of songs, videos and Powerpoint presentations - is no longer up to the job.

We would like to buy software that would make all visual media run smoothly, and a new or refurbished computer would be required to run the software. A suitable laptop is also needed for use in the hall for Turning Point.


Photo of the church pathChurch Path ResurfacingImage of a tick

The plan is to resurface the path from the main gate to the entrance to the church building. The path is uneven in places and resurfacing will prevent further deterioration.


Photo of welcome boardWelcome Board - Cost: £228Image of a tick

A new welcome board is need to display information at the way-side pulpit. The cost covers signage


Image of radio microphone setMicrophones for Services - Cost: £385Image of a tick

A second radio microphone is needed for worship on Sundays and at other times so that more than one person can participate in leading the service with a microphone than enables them to move around and be hands-free.


image of folding chairNew Foldable Chairs for the Hall - Cost: £480

At present we do not have enough chairs for large numbers of people. Chairs cost £12 each.


Chairs with Arm Rests - Cost: £500

These chairs are needed for those using the Hall who are not so mobile. These chairs cost £50 each.


image of small tableFour small tables - Cost: £200 (£50 each)

Additional tables are needed as replacements for those that are no longer usable.


image of stained glass windowRepairs to Windows - Cost: £500 (subject to a current quote)

Some of the windows in the church building have minor damage that needs to be repaired and the stained glass window in the belfry requires new protection on the outside and some cleaning and repair work.